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The IP is sometimes used as a default local address for network routers. Some Cisco brand routers and Infinity routers supplied by Comcast commonly have as their default. This same address may be used instead by any other private network device but by convention is normally assigned to a network gateway or other kind of network server. 

What is a Gateway Address? is called a default gateway address when it represents the local side of a router or wireless access point connection to the Internet.


Client devices see this address appear in their TCP/IP network gateway settings after joining the local area network (LAN). In classful IP networks, is a Class A address with default subnet mask

Using Devices on login

Use the ping utility to determine whether any device on the local network is actively using

If assigned to a router, administrators can reach its console by pointing a Web browser to

that in turn will prompt for a username and password. See How to Access Your Router. is more commonly seen in business computer networks than in home networks where broadband routers normally use addresses in the 192.168.x.x series instead.

Both the 10.x.x.x and 192.168.x.x series fall within private IP address ranges.Being a private address, cannot be used to connect to devices over the Internet.

How to Troubleshoot Issues with Using

Users and administrators can encounter several issues when working with

  • Incorrect device address assignment. An administrator must set up gateways with as a static IP address (so that clients can rely on the address not changing). On broadband routers, for example, this address is entered on one of the console pages, while business routers may use configuration files and command line scripts instead. Mistyping this address, or entering the address in the wrong place, results in the device not being available on
  • Gateway device unresponsive. The device correctly assigned to may suddenly stop working due to technical failures on the device or with the network itself. See also – Troubleshooting Home Network Router Problems.
  • Incorrect client address assignment: On WI-Fi networks, clients connect to the gateway through the network name (SSID), and the necessary IP address settings are applied to the client automatically. Most other networks also depend on automated client address assignment. Glitches in this process are uncommon but can cause a client's gateway settings to be corrupted or lost.


Le 6 octobre 2017, 11:27 dans Humeurs 0 is a class A IP address which is reserved for private network, we can usually see this IPV4 address used by router factories as their routers’ default gateway address. Other commonly used reserved IP addresses are and Comparing to public IP addresses(if you are using a dial-up network, you can check your public IP at many websites) which need to be unique in the entire internet, need to be unique in its own local area network. So it’s very convenient using this IP address to setup your own network such as company’s local network, school’s local network.

How can I setup my router with

As mentioned above, is used in many routers as their management IP, you can easily access your router with this IP to configure your router’s options and features. You can also setup your router’s proxy, DNS, DHCP client, wireless function, MAC address etc. The steps are as follows:

First, open your browser and enter at the address bar, hit enter, it will show you the management console, you need to enter username and password which is usually marked at back of the router.

Second, look through all the menus and pages, find network part, you can setup your network with dial-up/DSL method or others, enter username and password which you get from your network provider, setup DNS( and are provided by google).

Third, setup wireless function if this part exists. Usually select WPA or WPE to ensure your wireless router’s safety.

wireless router set up

What are my router’s default username and password?

If you don’t know or have forgotten username and password of your router, first please look carefully at different sides of your router, if there’s none, look them up in the manual book, or search them with google. Usually they are ‘admin’, ‘user’, etc.

Here is a list of username and passwords for most popular routers for your reference.

Router Login

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Forgot your router’s web-interface IP address? You find what you need! On this page you can see a list of router’s manufacturers and the most popular IP addresses which they are usually use in their products.

Moreover, you can find usernames and passwords which mostly used by manufacturers. It’s necessary thing if you sticker on backside or bottom cover of your router were erased by the time.

To find needed address and entering information, you need to find your manufacturer and click on it. Here is a list of addresses. Try to enter every address until you find right.

Default router passwords          

This database has regularly updates, because IT technologies not standing still and always grows with geometric progression speed, so there are new manufacturers, new IP addresses, new usernames and passwords.

If router login or passwords don’t work with your router, there are only two variants: you can’t choose right model on site or settings were changed by someone. We can’t help you with first, but solution of second you can find on our site. You need to search for article about resetting.  Reset would back default router password and router login.

If you are interested in IT technologies and find some articles about wireless networks, Wi-Fi routers, game devices, Internet protocols and Internet security, this site is what you need.

We have a lot of guides for beginners, who try to understand how to work with different devices and the Internet. The most useful guides are What is an IP, What is my IP, How to Find Router IP, How To Reset Router.

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